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                                              Computation Concept




 Compounded in whole or in part to form a pure substance whose chemical elements are constant intelligible clauses, forms and actions joined by one or more conjuctions.


Inclussion of the act or process of perception and the ability to understand the integral nature of cause and effect.


 The structure of discipline, proper behavior and the composure of pure benefactor,

judgement and charismatic prudence. The relative disposition or arrangement of the parts or elements of a thing.An atomic spatial arrangement that is fixed by the chemical bonding in a molecule that cannot be altered without breaking bonds, (contrasted with



 Trusful or confiding the designation and category of credulous security classification and values.

To bestow and restore the truth in the variant struggle between interests or principles and controversy.


 Applicable suitable performance in any use, purpose or petition to any applied science, forms or requests. (Systematic Mathematics / Arithmetic Designations). Primarily utilitarian functions in phenomena.


Terms of endearment to rules and regulations in any field of study sufficient to be readily approved, estimated or appraised. The task of compliance and responsibility.


 Equivalency and leverage in forms and factors to any appointment or command, sufficient ans readily withstanding. Any responding accurate service to legacy and orthopedical ammendment.


 The power of the mind put into effect to render consice, defined and correct excellence.





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