Jose Luis Ortiz



AttnExecutive Order


 RE: Presentation



       Dear Executive;



 Presently doing well in the beautiful City of Sebring, Florida and hope to establish credibility with your institution at large.


 Offer of interest: / State of the Arts Solutions that are powerful and of acute definition.

We specialize in:


Military and Judicial Intelligence / Deep Space Intelligence / Astronomy Technology / Space Research / Science.

Aeronautic & Aerospace Design & Architecture / Electronic Engineering / Biotechnology Solutions and Formulas /


Quantum Physics Studies / Fiver Optic Systems / Supercomputer Design / Scientific Research & Development / Formulas & Equations / Codes & Ciphers / Solar Power / Cold Fusion


                                         Electromagnetic Configurations


           The design and composure of Public and Private High Power Networks /   Browsers / Drivers / Superconductors / Microchips / Global Networks /Deep Space Networks /Hardware & Software Architecture / Extreme Supercomputing / High Power / Global Intranets.


 I believe in expertise and could deliver faster than the competitors by far.. Quality is of primordial importance and practice perfect parametry, a prestigious essence and very rare in our present day industry. 



Well Sir, I hope to do business with your person in the near future,





 Jose Luis Ortiz
















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