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This e-mail summarizes notification of a very important scientific breakthrough involving Image and Codes Extraction from Deep Space accredited to a study in Physics regarding Time tables and Quantitative Analysis on Space Communications.


 We were able to compose a software capable of reaching far distances into deep space.


Extracting images, information and data comprising actual stable Atmospheric Planets and living species. 


 Able to explicate actual and post-data meaning feasibility to proforma factual and prehistoric momentum.


Taking this very Planet as an example;


 Actually hold images of this Planet (American Side from North Pole to South Pole), while in the core state, excibiting a detailed blueprint view of North and South America, the bottom of the ocean while in the crater stage along with rock formations, volcanoes and the missing information on landmass destroyed by meteors / asteroids.



 Also the codes to the very first man that inhabited Planet Earth.


 Shall you be interested in the very best news the Human Being could possibly ever hear give me a call.


 Cell.  (863) 414-7528



 Jose L. Ortiz












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