Jose Luis Ortiz






 Jose L. Ortiz will gladly respond to any well organized business request with great honor and respect.


 It is my believe that in order to better serve your organization's needs, (You The Client) must formalize your petition in a well structured and responsible way.

 That your expectancies are well interpreted and professionally appraised in order to mutually understand the definition of value and agreement.


 That the assesment and evaluation of your request be complete, accurate, formal and you fully understand the legal aspects of your plan and the compliance of such in due process.


That the margin of error be corrected and prefixed in a well defined manner so that conflict of interests is avoided.


That your requirements are met to the fullest extent and be totally conformed with the end product.


 That you excell in success and operate to the maximum in true sense of direction or distinction.





Jose L. Ortiz











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