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Available Projects For Sale



The following projects are fully architected and engineered to provide the best technology in the market and true world class products.



 Solar Power Community


 A solar power community housing development designed  completely dependent on solar power energy. Originally engineered for the State of Florida emphasizing new space age modeling concepts.      

 This project represents the future and will become the revolution and transformation of the housing industry .  New World high performance product evolution and development.

 Price Tag:  Four Billion Dollars


 Global High Power Internet:   



 State of the Art High Power  Global Network / Super Internet:

 The very best technology ever developed for years to come and the internet of the future. A formidable investment that will transform on to trillions of dollars effect. Not an open internet.

Some are speculating about what the next internet would be?   Will also design smaller global private networks upon request.


Price Tag: Fifty Two Billion Dollars



 Global High Power Medical Internet Mash Unit Type Network for the medical field. (Not an open network)


Design to link together all medical communities across the world to serve the population with private and public solutions. This network could also be used to provide the military and other field services

with complete databases and new age technology for practical ends such as surgery, first aid, etc. The very best in the world.

 Scenario; To open the market with global medical solutions from across the World through live audio visual representation useful in many in-house and other field emergencies.

Many more very important technology included in the package that will facilitate professionals with the tools needed to perform their duties and responsibilities on a primordial basis.

Why have a Doctor work on a wounded soldier when you could have a whole panel working remotely in the same or perhaps multiple surgery procedures?.  All software included such as X-ray platforms

and critically important databases. Many, Many more.


Price Tag: Fifty Billion Dollars



Aerospace, Space, and National Defense Intelligence solutions capable of achieving what no one has been able to render to this very day. (Top Secret Profile)




 Military Jet Fighter Design


Over twenty Supercomputer Designs that will make the present systems look very stupid.


 Global Cellular Network / Superconductors / Microchips / Telecommuter / Motorcycle / Private Yacht / and many more projects for sale as well.


 Shall any of these projects be of interest to your person / let's talk.


 Other important stuff in storage.






 Jose L. Ortiz


































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