Jose Luis Ortiz



Deep Space Communications

 Quantum Physics Studies on Time Tables and Paleontology Research


Image and Information extraction autonomy on time tables and planetary systems  by means of electromagnetic configurations rendering complete databases on possible living species, scientific histology and geneology.


 Complete images without the use of a camera or telescope only acquired through codification.


 New platforms and scientific breakthroughs never achieved by our recent

socio-structures and by far surpassing all intelligence gathering to present day.


 Sole exclusive technology capable of transmitting and receiving computations far greater than anyone has ever imagined.


Truly, my research has allocated itself into the most proficient scientific structure and most advanced technology source to be found anywhere on this planet.


 Truly, there is no other institution "public or private" capable of achieving my results nor is there any analysis comprising such results.



 Definitely, there is other ways of reaching beyond our imaginations.




 Jose L. Ortiz

 PS. Presently working on voice and video = Soon to come




 Image of the South Pole ( Chilean Peninsula to the South Pole. All craters,

islands, Plates. This is how the Earth looked like very long ago and before

















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